Tandoor Oven For Sale

Tandoor Oven Top View

With a clay tandoor oven you too can cook authentic Indian cuisine in your own backyard!

The tandoor oven has been traditionally used in India for thousands of years. The basic materials required are a clay liner, (which are made and sold at Something at Mary’s) firebricks to support the clay liner, a brick base and enclosure filled with a heat absorber like vermiculite, and a cover to keep out rain and moisture.

Once the oven is installed it is simply a matter of heating up the coals in the bottom of the oven to bring the temperature up to the required level. In fact the heat builds up so high and is absorbed and reflected off the clay that half a chicken will cook in the oven in about 10 minutes!

Tandoor Oven Side View

Many people believe this is the most nutritious way to cook because all the nutrients are sealed into the meat and/or vegetables almost instantly. You also don’t require any oils or fats in the cooking and though the outside of your food is sealed quickly, the inside is still juicy and delicious with the easily prepared marinades that you marinate your meat in. And lets not forget freshly baked naan to go with your tandoori chicken!

Tandoor Oven Being Made
Interested in having your own tandoor oven? We can supply you with the clay liner along with these step by step instructions on how to install it in your own backyard. Our liners measure approximately 50 cm high x 40 cm wide and are individually handmade using a highly grogged clay which is safe to cook with. If you desire a taller tandoor we recommend stacking our liner on top of fire bricks to allow for fuel placement and to achieve desired height.