Pottery Studio Makeover

Pottery Studio Makover
A year has passed since Something at Mary’s pottery studio opened in Bundeena and the studio has had a bit of revamp recently.

As happy as we were with the original space space, it was starting to feel a bit crammed and getting harder to feature other new works, (Ellin Pooley with her beautiful porcelain, and Darrilyns one of a kind handbags, to name a few), and with more workshops coming on line we knew we had to do something quick.

After some negotiations with my partner, we came up with a solution. The messy clay, wheels etc, would move into the garage as long as we could still put the car in. As many of you may have experienced, completely taking over the garage from one’s partner is clearly not on, but with this compromise we both win.

Pottery Studio Display Case Pottery Studio Bowls

And the timing couldn’t have been better. With the purchase of a retired potters working materials, (fun stuff like glaze materials, tools, heaps of clay and other goodies) we had all the space we needed for storage and a new place to spread out for more experimentation.

Pottery Studio Throwing Cup Pottery Studio Throwing Lid

Even better, the gallery space is now nice and open and we can start featuring the work of other talented people from this area. Talk about a win-win situation! And who knows, maybe one day down the line the car will find it likes being out in the sun and rain. A girl can dream……