Raku Firing Earth Wind & Fire Festival

Raku flaming vase

A special day of raku firing will be held on Saturday 5th September 5th 2009 and promises to be an exciting day of creativity involving earth, wind and fire along with a little bit of water.

The seaside town of Bundeena in Sydney’s south will be the setting for the festival which will allow both first timers and local artists a chance to experience the wonders of Raku firing.

Raku literally means “joy” or “enjoyment” and here is your opportunity to find out why. Initiated in 16th Century Japan, raku firings are associated with the tea ceremony but have now been adapted for all sorts of ceramic ware.

Watch the excitement as glowing hot pottery is lifted from the kiln and set alight in sawdust bins. The resulting patterns and colors are unpredictable, as they are created through the natural process of oxygen removal.


Pottery vase on fire
Raku vase on fire On the day participants can buy a “ready for Raku” pottery piece starting in price from $20 (includes firing). You choose the glaze on the day and participate in the event and take a wonderful piece home with you.

Local artists contributing pieces include: Marion Stehouwer, Renata de Lambert, Aaron Matthews, Jane Northway and more. Pieces are limited and will be available on a first come first served basis.

Alternatively you can bring your own Raku ready pottery pieces then choose your glaze and then fire them at $10 per piece.

For the more ambitious workshops will be held leading up to the festival day which will allow participants to create their very own pottery piece which can then be fired on the day of the festival. The details of the workshops are as follows:

  • Wheel Throwing Workshop – Saturday 22nd August – $125  (maximum 2 pieces)
  • Handbuilding Workshop- Sunday 23rd August – $115  (maximum 2 pieces)

Workshop spaces are limited so book today by ringing (02) 9523 3758

red dragon raku Raku flames

All the action will be taking place at Bundeena Oval  and spectators are welcome on the festival day to come out and see what all the excitement is about.  The firing area will be cordoned off but please keep children under the age of 12 well away from the area. The NSW fire brigade will be on hand to oversee the event and to provide information and demonstrations.

All potters invited to sell raku ready pieces on the day at $10 per piece commission rate

Raku sand throwing Raku frog

Earth Wind & Fire is brought to you by the Bundeena Maianbar Chamber of Commerce with funding from the Sutherland Shire Cultural Planning and Events Unit.