Team Building Pottery Workshop

Need to revitalise and energise your team? Tired of the same old offerings? Try something different and creative with our team building pottery workshops to refocus your group.

Sydney Team Building Workshop

Our clay studio offers a unique day of team building and creativity retreats tailored to your needs. We have worked with a variety of businesses including teachers, government services as well as corporate groups; individually designing workshops that meet your needs. With many options available, to suite all budgets, you are limited only by your imagination.

Sydney Team Building Ceramic Painting

The team building experience is framed around:

A) Associating positive messages that your group brainstorms and translate in the creative medium of clay, and

B) Creating a single product that everyone participates in.

Need to look at different ways to keep the creativity alive and thriving in your team, try the clay puzzler selection of workshops that push individuals and teams to think past the ordinary into the extraordinary.

We are also prepared to look at systemic problems that your teams face and help you to come up with creative ways to overcome them.

Sydney Team Building Potttery Wheel Throwing

There are different projects to choose from so talk to us about what you want to achieve and we will provide you with the most suitable options. We have a number of suggestions that are sure to work for you.

What makes us different? Not only are we engaging the mind, we help to create a tangible product (the fired and glazed object) that is forever a reminder of the process. By engaging both the physical and the mental we make a deeper connection to the outcome that you desire.

Sydney Team Building Potttery Sculpting

Put your team first, combined with a retreat in one of the most beautiful places in Sydney, and this will be a day that no one forgets.

Sample Workshop Itinerary

  • Morning tea
  • Morning clay workshop session
  • Lunch break with optional beach walk (dine locally, self-cater or catered lunch)
  • Afternoon clay workshop session

We also glaze and fire all pieces made on the day at no additional cost.

If desired for an additional fee we can hold the workshop at your workplace premises or an alternate location of your choosing.


On behalf of the PQU team, I would like to say “thank you very much” to you and Janet for the very enjoyable day yesterday.  Everyone relished the challenges of  the ball, the fish and the wheel and we are looking forward to viewing our finished works-of-art in due course.  Kay Culkin, University of Technology Sydney

Thank you for a fun day filled with great memories and happiness. The activities were great for getting to know team mates better. Alyssa Binger, Child Protection Services

Enjoyed even though I didn’t think I was the creative type! Karen James, Wyeth Australia