Arrosticini Pots

arrosticini pots fired

If your a fan of Italian cuisine then my latest project to make arrosticini pots using earthenware clay will be of interest to you.

Pane e Vino Trattoria

I was approached by Pane e Vino Trattoria a new restaurant opening in Sydney to make some custom pots to be used for an Italian dish called arrosticini which is also known as spiedini.

arrosticini being grilled

Arrosticini is a traditional dish from the Italian region of Abruzzo.  It is made from lamb or mutton which is cut into chunks and then skewered.  Alternating bits of sheep fat can be added to the skewers which makes the meat more tender and creates a appetising aroma when slow cooked over a charcoal barbecue grill.

arrosticini pot with skewers

The arrosticini skewers are served in a custom pot with feet which allows it to lay sideways to serve patrons and has a handle to make it easier to be transported from grill to table.  The dish is served with wood fired bread soaked in extra virgin olive oil along with spicy italian peperoncino chillies.

Of course it is served with red wine ideally made from the montepulciano  grape which comes from the Abruzzo region.

arrosticini pots fired