Pottery Workshop Tree of Life

Clay Sculpture Tree of Life

We’ll be exhibiting Janet Selby’s Tree of Life sculptures during the month of February with a unique meditation and clay workshop to follow.

Janet’s trees have been exhibited in Bondi Pavilion and will soon be on exhibit at Melbournes Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts. This will be your chance to see this remarkable collection before it goes on tour!

On Sunday February 17th you’ll get a chance to meet Janet in person when she hosts a meditation and clay workshop. The workshop runs from 1-4pm at Bundeena’s Uniting Church Community Hall. Bookings are limited so contact us to reserve your place.

Workshop Synopsis

You will first view the exhibit of Janet Selby’s ceramic trees which represent the experience of peace that permeates the whole environment and joins us all together in a deep inner stillness.

Starting with a short meditation contemplating the elements between the heavens and the earth, we find they are interconnected. The trees help create the clouds. The clouds nourish the trees.

And they all nourish ourselves. From here you will form an image of a tree based on your own self and then translate the experience in clay.